4. Location of Tank Field

Location of Tank Field

4. “Her fundamental misunderstanding of the geography of the area is further exposed by her statement that the school, if not placed in the community school, will not be built in Mayfield. This just does not make any sense. The Tank Field is in Mayfield. Gort Álainn is the Irish for Mayfield!”


Although this Cork City Council map clearly demonstrates the partition of the Tank Field between Mayfield and Montenotte, the Tank Field is not regarded as being in Mayfield. No house around this area appears to use Mayfield in the address. It is in the Montenotte B electoral area and not in the Mayfield electoral area. Mayfield village is about a kilometre away and the ‘Mayfield’ area extends from there.


In fact, for accuracy, it should be pointed out that the accurate historical Irish version of the name is Baile na mBocht. This is used on the Post Office and by Mayfield GAA club.

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