6. Consultation with residents

Consultation with residents

6.       “Nobody among the broad spectrum of parents, teachers, politicians and, indeed, some neighbours in favour of the new building, was consulted. Nor were any of the factors in its favour canvassed.”


The lack of consultation by the Department of Education and Science and Cork City Council with regard to the planning and decision making process for a new building for Gaelscoil An Ghoirt Álainn and its location on the Tank Field, is the central weakness of the project, not a virtue.





My research has shown no local or other opposition to the very necessary construction of Gaelscoil An Ghoirt Álainn. The issue in the community is not with a permanent building, it is with the location. (see point 3 above).  The local residents and the Principals of the other schools in the area were not properly engaged and consulted in relation to this project.


The records show that there was serious incorrect information used in the planning process. For example, national health and safety guidelines were ignored and wrong maps were provided in the planning application process.

There are questions over the accuracy of the maps utilised in the original planning application to Cork City Council and which were subsequently used by An Bord Pleanála in grating its planning application. There are also possible difficulties in implementing the decision by An Bord Pleanála as it is not possible to comply with the decision and comply with the safety requirements of ESB in relation to overhead high tension cables. These differing maps, attached below, were submitted together as part of the documentation for the planning application. These maps can also be found on the website of the City Council.


Planning Map 1 shows the site location and the boundaries. 

Planning Map 2 was used to show the site, the location of the building and that of the GAA pitch.  This differs significantly from Planning Maps 1 & 3.  The boundary has been moved by approximately  28 meters, the position of the building moved by approximately 12 meters and the area reduced by about a half acre. 

Planning Map 3 is similar to Planning Map 1 but more detailed and shows the building location. 


To better illustrate the differences, I have attached two further documents showing enlargements of relevant areas on Maps 2 and 3.







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