What do you think about these accounts?

Page of accounts from a well known public figure in the 1940s.

Can anybody explain what the purpose of the different figures/columns mean to someone without an accountancy background? In particular, I’m confused why there are two sets of figures. For example there is a dividend of £500 and then on the same line there is a figure of £3.2.6. Why are there two different figures?


Thanks for your help to date on the above questions. 


Some further questions: If £500 is the amount of the investment and £3.2.6 is the dividend, does that mean that the £500 was invested in January 1943 or is it an exisiting investment?


Also, under the £500 it says: div £650 do and div £168.19.7 do, are they separate investments for Consolo?


Finally, what were Dublin corporation stocks? These accounts also had substantial National Loan stocks from the foundation of the State, when did these end?




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