New voices – potential young contributors to Irish media

Where are all the *young* voices in the Irish media? Are you a regional reporter, activist/advocate, policy expert etc and have something to contribute to public debate? This is a tool to showcase alternative voices to radio and television producers.


In the comment section below, please provide these details:

• Name
• Contact details — email is probably sufficient (Please put email/website in twice: entry & comment box)
• Short 50 word bio max outlining your profession, where you are based, areas of expertise (include work/personal website if you have one). The more concise to-the-point the better.


For example
• Elaine Byrne
• Byrne @
• Irish politics lecturer, columnist (32) Dublin. Expertise: Irish politics, corruption, coffee beans and skittles. Worked for x years teaching on paperclips and blue cheese. Strong views on blue horses and bottles of water. More information:


*young* is described as you wish!

Thank you for all your entries to date. Entries are not accepted where they have incomplete contact details (must have email or website); where the language of the entry is inappropriate (the expertise put forward that you think all politicians are go***** is not going to get you registered here) or where the expertise is not made clear (it is fantastic that so many leaving cert and college students etc interested in politics are  registering their names but this is unfortunately not enough). I am not in a position to enter into personal correspondence on this post.

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