I’ve been getting a lot of emails and phonecalls from undergraduates and Masters students from universities around Ireland about the “next step” – the graduate job search. Instead of repeating myself, here’s some internship and graduate programme suggestions and maybe this blog post can crowdsource some other suggestions and I’d add them to the list.

I went through the UN internship programme. Apart from the experience of living abroad, working with people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, it provided the opportunity to translate academic training into the policy world and ultimately led to consultancies with the UN and the World Bank. Although many internships are not paid, the long-term benefits outweigh the short-term financial pain.

How to get an internship 😉

Irish Aid – interviews each Autumn
OECD – keep checking website
World Bank – Junior Professional Associate programme, also see summer internship programmes
UNDP – internship, junior professional programme
European Union stagier – (paid!)
Asian development bank – Ireland is a member of most of the international banks, therefore Irish people can apply as interns but most Irish people are not aware and they particularly promote women
UK political and policy jobs and internships
EU political and policy jobs and internships

Academic opportunities
OSCE – also contact the individual field offices
Canadian fast-track civil service programme for non-nationals (need to root around to find)
European Youth Forum
College of Bruge

Best of luck!

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