The Tank Field – update

If the Tank Field in Cork was in Dublin, the issues it raises would probably receive the national attention it deserves. The issues around the Tank Field are not unique to Cork but have relevance to the administration of local government nationally and the decision making process within the Department of Education. It is a case-study in governance and public policy.

The Tank Field has divided the local community, split the council and focused attention on::

    • the dominant role of the county manager in local government
    • the power of a city council to take over a community resource
    • how competing priorities within the Irish planning process are decided upon
    • the deficiencies in the planning process
    • the deficiencies in the Department of Education decision making process
    • the role of the GAA in the planning process
    • issues regarding the expenditure of public funds
    • issues regarding the preferential treatment afforded to Gaelscoileanna


    More information:

  • The Tank Field remains a live issue. Local councillors voted last month against a request to rezone the land for a new Gaelscoil. Irish Examiner report – Tank Field Examiner
  • Eoin English of the Irish Examiner put both sides of the argument for and against the Tank Field here. Eoin English Tank Field
  • The Gaelscoil invited public representatives to an open day today to hear its side of the story last week.
  • Dr Aodh Quinlivan from University College Cork recently published a book chronicling local government in Cork. One of the chapters of Inside City Hall examines the issues around the Tank Field.
  • My 2009 Irish Times piece on the tank field:
  • The response to my piece by the Gaelscoil:
  • FOI documents and further information on the tank field
  • Those pro the tank field have set up a website –
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