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A reborn Libya must endow the Berbers with a new status

21 Sep 11

Elaine Byrne, Sunday Times, 4 September 2011 My photos of Morocco ‘Power is like being with a woman for the first time. You always want more.” Over our third pot of Berber herbal tea, the male elders of a small village in central Morocco are doing their best to explain the nature of political power […]

The public’s ideas will beat those of the ECB

03 May 11

Elaine Byrne: There is apparently no room in Irish public discourse for any criticism of Europe. Instead, it seems, we should be grateful for their guidance The Sunday Times Published: 17 April 2011 Buried deep in the BBC website is an entry entitled “common Irish slang”. This guide for would-be British visitors to Ireland helpfully […]

Ireland’s predictably historic election

25 Feb 11

Fianna Fáil collapses. Labour slips up. Fine Gael triumphs. Meanwhile, it’s not just Gerry Adams who’s fuzzy on economics Elaine Byrne in the Guardian 23 February 2011 The word “unprecedented” has lost all force in Ireland. The general election this Friday is teeming with so many unparalleled moments that even “historic” now seems like a […]

Ireland the laboratory for addressing Europe’s ills

20 Feb 11

The prospects for default? Elaine Byrne in the Irish Times February 18 2010 I WROTE some of my first opinion pieces for The Irish Times during the 2007 election. I had just finished college and was working for the United Nations. Living abroad offered me the opportunity to look at Irish elections with a different […]

As money leaks out, Ireland must show we can restructure debt

05 Feb 11

We are distracted from the only game in town – the European summit in March – as the world views us as a country under foreign rule, writes ELAINE BYRNE in the Irish Times February 4 2011 “IRELAND IS well on the way to bankruptcy.” That’s the verdict of an acquaintance of mine who is […]

Global financial crisis undermining our democracy

14 Nov 10

Ireland’s economic future is being decided by events far beyond our shores, which we cannot influence, writes ELAINE BYRNE in the IRISH TIMES May 11 2010 DEMOCRACY IS a fragile thing. It becomes even more delicate when taken for granted. For many, the duty of citizenship to democratic action ends when a vote is cast […]

Siege mentality leads to self-inflicted isolation

29 Jul 10

An enlightened swap of ideas between factions from the Middle East and North has lost its gleam to rigid mindsets in the IRISH TIMES JUNE 29 2010 DAVID HAD just finished his three years of military service in the Israeli army when we first met about 10 years ago at a reconciliation centre on the […]

Icelandic protester finds parliament a cold place

09 Mar 10

Elected to the Althing in the ‘kitchenware revolution’, a leading writer has found politics a frustrating profession, writes ELAINE BYRNE in the IRISH TIMES March 9, 2010   THRAINN BERTELSSON describes himself as someone “who happens to being doing time in parliament”. The Icelandic “kitchenware revolution” of January 2009 enticed him to join a contagious […]

Iceland gives a massive No in vote on Icesave

08 Mar 10

ELAINE BYRNE in Reykjavik in Irish Times March 8, 2010   SATURDAY’S ICESAVE referendum was resoundingly rejected by 93.2 per cent of Icelanders, with just 1.8 per cent casting their vote in favour of the current €3.9 billion repayment package.   Although severe weather conditions have prevented counting of the hundred or so ballots from Grímsey […]

Icelanders expected to vote No in debt repayment referendum

06 Mar 10

ELAINE BYRNE in Reykjavik Irish Times March 6, 2010   ICELANDERS ARE expected to overwhelmingly vote No in today’s referendum on the controversial Icesave deal agreed last year with the Netherlands and the UK.   President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson triggered Iceland’s first referendum, since it achieved independence from Denmark in 1944, when he refused to […]