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Government must not block access to justice

29 Sep 15

First published in the Sunday Business Post 20 September 2015 Why is the government once again attempting to deny Irish citizens access to justice? A government source confirmed to Pat Leahy in last week’s Sunday Business Post that it would introduce legislation to copperfasten Ireland’s ban on third party litigation funding. This obscure doctrine of champerty was […]

Rent controls will make things worse

23 Sep 15

First published in the Sunday Business Post 23 August 2015 Peter McVerry is wrong. Rent controls are not the answer to Ireland’s homelessness crisis. McVerry called for new legislation to freeze rents on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland last Wednesday. The situation was “beyond crisis” he said, noting that the number of families in emergency accommodation had […]

Why can’t Renua and the Social Democrats make the breakthrough?

14 Sep 15

Published in the Sunday Business Post 13 September 2015 Why can’t the new political parties make the breakthrough? What do we want? A new political party! When do we want it? Now! So went the refrain in Irish public life since the troika took control of Irish decision making in 2010. It was assumed that the answer to the […]

The Queen in Ireland: A Sovereign’s debt

23 May 11

Interview in the Financial Times, May 20 2011 by David Gardner and John Murray Brown

Garret FitzGerald 1926-2011

23 May 11

Elaine Byrne, Sunday Business Post, 22 May 2011 ‘‘My elder brother’s gone, poetry is daunted; A stave of the barrel is smashed and the wall of learning broken’’ Garret was a political pioneer who didn’t always get it right, but made it his life’s work to improve political and social conditions in Ireland, writes Dr Elaine […]

Ireland’s predictably historic election

25 Feb 11

Fianna Fáil collapses. Labour slips up. Fine Gael triumphs. Meanwhile, it’s not just Gerry Adams who’s fuzzy on economics Elaine Byrne in the Guardian 23 February 2011 The word “unprecedented” has lost all force in Ireland. The general election this Friday is teeming with so many unparalleled moments that even “historic” now seems like a […]

Keeping an eye on promises of reform

11 Feb 11

A new website will assess each party’s campaign pledges in key areas and monitor implementation, writes ELAINE BYRNE in the Irish Times 11 February 2010 IN 1987, not long after the Dáil met following the general election that year, there was a Private Members’ debate on political reform. Paddy Cooney, a Fine Gael […]

New voices – potential young contributors to Irish media

01 Feb 11

Where are all the *young* voices in the Irish media? Are you a regional reporter, activist/advocate, policy expert etc and have something to contribute to public debate? This is a tool to showcase alternative voices to radio and television producers. . In the comment section below, please provide these details:

Fianna Fáil’s fall from grace

19 Jan 11

For most Irish people, the internal leadership contest within Fianna Fáil was nothing more than the last sting of a dying wasp. Guardian January 19 2011

Politicians must learn to recognise what women want

02 Jan 11

Young Irishwomen will decide the outcome of one of the most important general elections in the history of the Irish state. As the most politically powerful demographic in Ireland, the prospects for Irish economic independence will depend on the choice that this constituency of key swing voters will make. Sunday Business Post January 2 2011