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Complaint: Marian Finucane Show/Moriarty Tribunal

20 Feb 17

I am of the opinion that a segment of the Marian Finucane Show broadcast on RTÉ Radio 1 on Sunday 19 February breached – · Provisions of section 39 of the Broadcasting Act 2009; · Principle 6 (Protection of the Public Interest) of the BAI Code of Programme Standards and, · Principles of Fairness and […]

Project Eagle sale highlights downside of ‘commercial sensitivity’ secrecy

22 Sep 16

First Published in the Sunday Business Post on 18 September 2016 Lesson one to circumvent public transparency – insert a commercial sensitivity clause into your organisation’s raison d’être What does the Nama sale of Project Eagle have in common with public-private partnerships operated by the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) and the winding down of […]

Suffer little children: the adults are fighting

21 Sep 16

First published in the Sunday Business Post 4 September 2016 Why did 38 vulnerable children spend 19 hours in solitary confinement at the Oberstown Children’s Detention Campus? The Luas strikes were inconvenient. We had to walk, get the bus, hail a taxi or just make different plans. We had a choice. There were different methods […]

Ireland’s White-Collar Crime Problem

14 Sep 16

First published in the Sunday Business Post 11 September 2016 Ireland’s attitude to immoral conduct by the middle classes is to pretend it does not exist What do we want? An inquiry! When do we want it? Now! This is the default response by Irish public life to allegations of unethical behaviour. Other jurisdictions have […]

How many suicide charities are there?

13 Jul 16

How many suicide charities are there? The answer – according to a search of the Charity Regulator Register is 232 (see the screenshot below). The answer – according to Benefacts – is 48. Benefacts have compiled a list of nonprofits in Ireland whose main purpose is concerned with some aspect of suicide: prevention, counselling, research, public education or information. It […]

Ireland has too many charities

07 Jul 16

First published in the Sunday Business Post 2 August 2015 Many charities duplicate each other’s work, reducing their effectiveness The newly established Charities Regulatory Authority believes it does not have enough staff to fulfil its functions. The authority has a complement of 12 with eight more to be added to the staff by the end […]

Why we should thank John Gilligan

13 Jun 16

First published in the Sunday Business Post 12 June 2016 The photographs of a smiling John Gilligan at the Four Courts last week suggest that the convicted drug dealer revels in his unrelenting crusade to challenge the legality of every piece of legislation that has ever crossed his path. We should thank him. The Criminal […]

Poverty is not the cause of gangland murders

09 Jun 16

First published in the Sunday Business Post 5 June 2016 Individual responsibility is being overlooked in a simplistic narrative It was the Sunday night before Christmas 2004. The phone call came through within minutes after 19-year-old Ryan Lee was shot in the right hip and the groin. Since Eddie Ryan’s murder in the Moose bar […]

Ross must take charge and give our watchdogs some teeth

31 May 16

First published in the Sunday Business Post 29 May 2016 A love letter to the “outsider” who is now an “insider” This is a love letter to Minister Shane Ross. The “outsider” who is now an insider with the well-intentioned motive to reform the “rotten” judicial appointment process by creating a new judicial appointments commission. […]

State should pay whistleblowers

27 May 16

First published in the Sunday Business Post, 8 December 2013 For historical reasons, Irish whistleblowers face being labelled as informers. But elsewhere they are rewarded for information that nails white collar criminals, writes Elaine Byrne. Whistleblowers are the lifeblood of every investigation. The more complex the crime, the more necessary their insider information becomes. The […]